Staff Directory

Title Phone Email
Rob Higgins full bio Rob Higgins Title: Executive Director Phone:   Email:
Jason Aughey full bio Jason Aughey Title: Senior Director Phone:   Email:
Claire Lessinger full bio Claire Lessinger Title: Director of Special Events Phone:   Email:
Tony Diaz full bio Tony Diaz Title: Sales and Events Manager Phone: (813) 218-3892 Email:
Michael Farrant full bio Michael Farrant Title: Multimedia Specialist Phone: (813) 342-4077 Email:
Jenna Grooms full bio Jenna Grooms Title: Event Development Institute Manager Phone: (813) 342-4065 Email:
Jordyn Tramble full bio Jordyn Tramble Title: Creative Specialist Phone:   Email:
Erika Kartz full bio Erika Kartz Title: USF Graduate Resident Phone:   Email: