Flight Plan for Red Bull Flugtag Tampa Bay Announced

Flight Plan for Red Bull Flugtag Tampa Bay Announced

ATLANTA, GA – Teams from the Sunshine State to New England will dare to defy gravity with their human-powered flying machines on July 19 at Red Bull Flugtag Tampa Bay. After reviewing over 300 applications, 40 teams received their boarding passes to participate in the quirky flying competition. Selected teams like Air Gilligan, Booty Snatchin’ Pirates and Junk Mail, will entertain the crowd as they launch their crafts with hopes of soaring across the bay.

If your German is a bit rusty, Flugtag means “flying day.” Each team of daredevils and visionaries are given the chance to stand 30 feet above the water on a deck built front and center of City Park at Tampa Convention Center and attempt to take flight in their homemade crafts. The panel of celebrity judges will take three criteria into account in deciding who makes the podium: distance flown, creativity of the craft, and the team’s showmanship on stage. The team taking the top prize will receive a pilot’s training course, second place receives skydiving lesions and the third place team will learn to paraglide. Spectators also get to chime in for their favorite via SMS voting to select the People’s Choice.


Red Bull Flugtag Tampa Bay will boast almost 40 outrageous crafts, ranging from giant footwear to supersized sea creatures, built by participants ranging from animators to biologists and college students to flight instructors. Each team of five will need to bring out their inner stuntman and sheer silliness in order to make a splash against a wide array of talent.

For Flugtag novices, the first Red Bull Flugtag took off in Vienna, Austria in 1991 and has since visited more than 30 countries around the world attracting crowds of up to 300,000. Currently, 195 feet stands as the farthest flight which was set back in 2000 in Austria, but the US isn’t far behind with a record of 155 feet set just last year in Nashville, Tenn.! Tampa Bay will host the first 2008 Red Bull Flugtag in the US with two more to come in Portland (August 2) and Chicago (September 6).


Yes, it’s true. There are some rules and regulations involved in this flying contest. Rule #1: All flying machines must be entirely human-powered! That means no external energy sources or stored power of any kind. Rule #2: The width of each craft is limited to 30-feet. Rule #3: All crafts must weigh no more than 450 lbs, which includes the pilot.

Gates open at 11:00am and the first craft launches for flight at 1:00pm. No tickets required – this is a free event to the public. For more information, including team bios, photos and video footage from past Red Bull Flugtag events please visit www.redbullflugtagusa.com. For media inquires, contact Lisa Beachy at (404) 434-5636 orlisa.beachy@us.redbull.com.