Future Olympic Athletes Coming To BAYTAF in Tampa

Future Olympic Athletes Coming To BAYTAF in Tampa

Tampa, FL - Bay Area Youth Track And Field (BAYTAF), will host its 25th Annual BAYTAF Classic Event May 27th -29th.

The BAYTAF Classic is a Youth, Un-attached, Paralympic and Master’s track and field competition of approximately 1,300 national and world class athletes from the Cayman Islands, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and the USA, featuring USA Track and Field (USATF) national track and field stars from Tampa and other Florida Cities.  

During the three days of the BAYTAF Classic, some of the nations' and world's most elite youth athletes will be displaying their speed, quickest, strength, power, acceleration, throwing, jumping, hurdling and endurance before an estimated 5,000 spectators at the University of South Florida, Olympic Styled Track and Field.

BAYTAF has built a reputation of excellence in hosting this event in Tampa and the Bay Area.  The BAYTAF provides a showcase for spectators to watch the nations and world’s best superstars and young rising stars break records and accomplish amazing feats.  The BAYTAF Classic is recognized as one of the top youth track and field competitions in America and the Caribbean.  BAYTAF has hosted teams from throughout the USA and foreign countries including Jamaica, the Bahamas and other Caribbean countries. 

BAYTAF was founded in 1991 by Samuel “Nate” Johnson, in 1991 to unify efforts in promoting the sport of youth track and field throughout the Tampa Bay Area.  “The BAYTAF Classic provides funding for our local youth athletes to train and travel to other competitions around the state and nation.   This event also allows our local athletes the opportunity to compete with other youth from around the state and country and world”, Johnson said. 

Marquee headliners will compete in 100, 200 and 400 meter sprints, 800 and mile runs, 4 x 100 and 4 X 400 races, the long jump, pole vault, high jump, discuss, javelin and shot put.  Records are broken every year.